Thursday, March 1, 2012

three months on - still good

Well it's the beginning of a new month which means another month on our low-fructose adventure. At this stage I'm not sure what to write. I'm not sure what the fuss is about. I don't miss all the sugar laden treats. This really has become our new normal. 

In the interests of full disclosure I did enjoy a Windsor Hotel high tea - it's a Melbourne institution. At the kind  invitation of my sister-in-law's future in-laws we had a lovely sunday lunch in town. There were small hot pies and pastries, sandwiches and scones on the three tiered stands and a buffet of sweet treats. You can see a beautiful selection below. It was a lovely one off and didn't upset the apple-cart. 

I think I can handle a once a month treat (quality not quantity, see here) - so much better than a daily or more often treat. Now this really is a treat.

The other thing that I really noticed is when we put some tomato sauce on a sausage roll. If I'd been more organised (see here) we wouldn't have succumbed to our old ways. But it was seriously sweet. I used to think tomato sauce was savoury. Now it almost tastes as though it belongs on ice cream...

I'm starting to wonder what we're going to do about easter chocolate. I think I might put the word out that if you'd like to buy something for our kids choose a gift that has more to do with easter (i.e. remembering Jesus's saving death and resurrection) or otherwise something dark chocolate - the darker the better.

I'm thinking about making our own easter eggs. I'm not sure that a block of 85% Green and Black's will cut it. There's a recipe here that looks like it has potential or I could melt said Green and Blacks. And I can pick up some easter egg moulds pretty easily I would have thought. Maybe here (although 1/2 a kilo of chocolate per egg might be a bit much) or somewhere like spotlight. 

Any thoughts???


  1. That's a hard one Louisa. I am trying to encourage Ben to write to his family and explain that we are fructose free and to please put the money to charity or just not worry about us. Most of the eggs in the past years (except the Lindt darks) went into the bin unfortunately and I really can't handle waste - both money and chocolate. Then there's the whole fair trade aspect too. Lindt and Green and Blacks have great policies but not sure on the other makers.
    Some of Ben's family feel rejected if they don't get eggs but it's never been part of my family tradition (I'd always get an Easter present or two) and Ben doesn't care for it at all for lots of reasons including the whole commercialisation of a really important season for us. So we figured if Ben wrote soon enough to the family and explained there would be time for them to get used to the idea and also they won't have already wasted their money. We'll pray for you guys as you decide what to do. Please pray for us that this will not cause tension or stress but that they would listen to us this year (especially with the added dietary element) and not give us eggs! I am keen to make a couple for the kids so any tips after you've done your research would be great!

  2. Hi louisa, found your blog via sweet poison on FB. (you may not remember me, our husbands were in the same year at Moore).

    We have been getting rid of sugar too. It's been only a few weeks for us, with a few mishaps (sugar in bread?!!) but we are really loving it too. So glad to hear that a few months on for you it's just become normal.

  3. Sounds like a good plan Charlotte. I'm sure our kids will still get a bunch of eggs, but we're just keen to minimalise the damage...

    and I'll be sure to post some pictures once I get some eggs made, but first I'll check to see if the kids actually like that coconut chocolate, otherwise I'll use the green and blacks...

  4. Hey Bron, nice to meet up at least virtually :-)

    I know there's sugar is so much stuff... aarrrgghh. I'm very tempted to get a thermomix so that I can do more stuff from scratch. I think once we've made it through a couple more months, and once Rene has permanent work we might be able to justify it :-)