Saturday, June 30, 2012

goodness knows I love a slouchy hat

Well there's no denying I love a slouchy hat. I'm not a big beret fan so I'm loving the slouchy beanie trend. This one is super easy, but it's just a perfect simple pattern that works really well. 
The hat's called the rikke hat. It's garter stitch in the round which is a little painful. And the only tricky thing is the twisted german cast-on but there are you tube clips of course and if you can handle a long tail cast-on this isn't too much of a stretch. Although it is super stretchy :-P

I made this hat to go with some fingerless mitts that I'm keen to make. Since knitting mitts are quite similar to socks and coming off a complex sock pattern I thought I'd do the hat first. I also had some yarn that coordinated with my prospective mitt yarn in my stash so I could get started immediately. Perfect.

I also have a little guy who loves getting in the middle of our knitting photography. The following photo is a bit of a favourite.

Now to get started on those mitts...


  1. I saw it first hand and it looked very nice (and especially warm - I felt a bit envious especially not being acclimatised to the cold Melbourne temps!)

  2. thanks Jenny, you're very kind!
    hope you're enjoying the small windows of sunshine...