Monday, June 25, 2012

bootee business

Well the past week has been a whirl with knitting - maybe that's why there are still boxes, to be unpacked or stored, piled along the hallway - anyway, I managed to complete 5 knitting projects, 2 of which were already under way and 3 from scratch!!! Some of these are still to be gifted and so are under wraps but there's plenty that are for public consumption...

These are Saartje's Bootees which must be about the single most knitted pattern in the world. There are 12071 individual projects entered on ravelry alone. They are a quick knit and super cute. They use sock wool so I'm loving using some of my beautiful sock yarn remnants for other worthy projects. These bootees are for some lovely new Melbourne friends who have also been journeying down the curacy path.

Those were actually the 3rd pair of Saartje's bootees I'd attempted. The 2nd had lain incomplete for some time but are now done. In fact I cast-on the first bootee 4 years and 2 days before the second. I'd played around up-sizing them for Giggi when he was 9mo but they turned out way too big and I couldn't be bothered to complete the pair. Now, however at 19mo they fit badger perfectly! I didn't have enough of the main colour for the 2nd one so I swapped around the main and contrasting colours. And of course I can't find the matching buttons... but it all lends to a haphazard, rustic vibe.

The only draw back to these cute bootees is that there's so much finishing to do after you've finished all the knitting which is a little frustrating. You have quite a number of ends to weave in because of the way that the straps are done and a bit of seaming which needs to be done quite carefully so that you don't get an irritating ridge down the centre of the sole. Anyway, I decided to try knitting the 2nd one in the round to at least save on the seaming and a few less ends to weave in. It worked! My modifications are outlined on my ravelry project page, here.

Here's one happy customer.


  1. The bootees are very sweet, and I love the mismatched rustic nature of them.

    After our convo, I did a search on Rav for the most popular project… Clapotis is the winner with 19,454 projects, followed by Fetchings with 18,927 projects! Saartje's come 7th.

  2. Thanks Sonia! You truly are a ravelry guru :-)