Friday, January 20, 2012

the G, how melbourne are we?

So Giggi and I had our first visit to the MCG (melbourne cricket ground) or "The G" if you're a true local. We watched a Big Bash 20 20 game and our team won. Go the Melbourne Stars! Warnie was a little underwhelming but it was great to see McKay bowl and Hussey bat. Giggi the 4yo loved it. I wasn't sure how he'd go, the match started at his usual bedtime. But the fireworks that were set off for each visiting team wicket and home team 6 kept him interested.

the fireworks

He also had a mammoth bag of Twisties and some new apps on my phone. He also had an uncle and prospective uncle to keep him entertained.

howzat! with uncle and prospective uncle :-)
Now to see how 'the stars' go in their semi. BTW he loved the mascot: starman on his segway but seriously how long did it take them to come up with that? Lame. I can, however, recommend the Ponsford stand. No sun in our eyes. Fireworks immediately in front of us. Good times.

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