Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter eggsperiment #2

well, I'm pleased to say we had success today with our easter egg making

1) mum and giggi made these beautiful rabbits out of boiled eggs (the kits were from when we lived in Germany 30 years ago - still  good). No fructose here :-)

2) the chocolate and the moulds worked! see here for my previous attempt...
my tips:
- we picked up moulds and foil wrappers from Spotlight for around $10

- make sure you lightly grease the moulds with olive oil on paper towel

- let the chocolate cool a little before filling half a mould half full of chocolate (about 30g of chocolate for this size egg)

- clamp the moulds together with pegs or elastic bands before swirling the chocolate around to make sure that there are no holes

- put in the fridge and turn every 2 mins to ensure even coverage (for about 10mins)

- leave the chocolate in for another hour or so to make sure the chocolate has fully set.
et voila!

I really like that the eggs are hollow: less chocolate for one thing but more importantly it reminds us that on Easter Sunday the tomb was empty because Jesus had come back to life. I love opportunities like this to talk to my kids about what really matters :-)

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