Thursday, April 26, 2012

the joy...

In the world of knitting there's not much more satisfaction than a great pattern, some fantastic yarn, a quick knit and just the right item for the right person.

This pattern is 'turn-a-square' by Jared Flood. It's a free download available here. It's not very difficult but the results are really effective. I love how the stripes are squared on the crown of the hat.

I learnt how to do jogless stripes. For some good advice see here or with moving pictures see here. For a couple of different options see here. Just make sure to move your marker around, so each time you knit 2 together, take the marker off before and replace it after so you're moving the beginning of the round one stitch to the left each time you change colour. Although I must admit you can see how the stripes travel... Note how the fabric pulls a bit to the left, as you can see below.

I also experienced the joy of great yarn. I love alternating a solid colour with a self-striping yarn. I managed to use some left over yarn as the main yarn and delved in to the world of noro for the stripes. All I can say is trust the noro. I kept wanting to hurry the colour changes but I resisted :-) Although I must admit that I rewound the yarn so that I was sure to get some of the green.

It's slightly too big for good old RP, who knows it was such a quick knit I might try it again with half an inch less. We'll see...

But it's just the thing for his cold, early starts. And it was a complete surprise: in the words of Giggi 'mum are you doing your sneaky knitting?'


  1. I tried knitting this pattern last year with my handspun, it was an unmitigated disaster! Granted I was using a yarn much finer than the ply required, which in turn required me to change the stitch count (the signs were there). My husband had pointy ears until I pulled it out. Yours looks great though! and you have an obliging model…

  2. thanks sonia
    I haven't been game to play too much with different plys and stitch counts, except for my nanaimo socks, but that was pretty basic...
    yes the model was very obliging, but had well and truly had enough by the end :-)