Thursday, May 10, 2012

a little ray of sunshine

The first thing Giggi asked me was 'is it my birthday soon?'. The reason: I was knitting him a pair of socks :-) It isn't. I was just knitting for the love of him, and because he asked me for a pair of rainbow socks. A request too cute to deny.

It was pretty tough to find some true rainbow yarn. I would have loved to knit with trifolium but it never was available while I was looking. I should have emailed them directly.

Anyway we decided on this:

It's a great yarn from Colinette Jitterbug, colourway popsicle. Slightly garish perhaps (understatement of the year???) But just like he always goes for bubblegum flavour ice cream if given half a chance, this was his choice.

Because the yarn doesn't have any nylon I knit it down a needle size - hoping for some durability. The unfortunate consequence of that was that my hands hurt so much I had to stop knitting for 2 days but it's all better now.

I used Ann Budd's vanilla sock pattern for 8 stitches an inch gauge socks. It's available as a free download from Interweave in their ebook '8 free knitting patterns for children'. It has a great formula for whatever gauge yarn your using and in 2 kid's sizes. It was great to knit from - I just don't love the super pointy toes. Although to be fair it is more noticeable because I knit them a tad on the big size for extra longevity. Anyway I ravelled them here.

The verdict: 'I should wear these every day'

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