Saturday, February 11, 2012

the melbourne museum

One of the lovely things about a) living closer to the city and b) having a husband who is under-employed is that it's easier to do things with the 2 kids like going to the museum. 

We were keen to see dinosaurs. Check. 

A marine biologist friend had said how accurate the octonauts stories were. We saw photos of Bob the blobfish and some remipedes in the deep sea section. Easily recognisable. Check.

Something girly for me. Check.

 Still within view of the dinosaurs. Check.

The thing I was most surprised was by how much Badger, our 1yo, enjoyed it. I think this was Giggi's first visit to a museum and he's 4. Ooops.

Highly recommended. Also children and concession card holders are free.

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