Wednesday, February 8, 2012

winter hedgerows

I thought that the socks I made for my sister were actually quite gender neutral so I thought I'd try them again with a masculine feel for her husband: heavier weight wool and a more neutral colour. These are the biggest socks I've ever knitted so they took AGES. And I think they might even be a bit big :-/ Oh well... I've ravelled them here.
Here's the comparison:
and hers...
I'm now in the process of trying to get pictures of each of the recipients in their socks in some zany situation. Let's see how I go.

Anyway, better get to it. 2 more pairs of socks to knit this month :-)


  1. Wow - great job. I tried to knit baby socks once and it is so fiddly. Especially the heel part with the extra needles and knitting back along the row. I think I gave up after one ;)

  2. Thanks Laney.

    I was so intimidated by the idea of knitting socks but now I love it. I can usually finish a pair in a fortnight - so different from my usual knitting projects. And weirdly I think I use it as a small part of my life that I can control and achieve something tangible...