Sunday, February 12, 2012

on the run again

Now that I have my eating all sorted out. I decided it was time to up the ante regarding exercise. I'm fortunate in that I get a lot of incidental exercise. We live within walking distance of the shops, the train station, kinder, the library and a couple of playgrounds.

For me, exercise and weight-loss don't really seem to have much to do with each other. However, exercise and fitness is a different matter. And you've got to love the endorphins.

my trusty shoes = no shin splints

I first took up jogging almost 3 years ago, between Giggi and Badger. I used the Couch 2 5k program. The idea behind this is that you can be transformed from a couch potato to a jogger who can cover 5 kms in half an hour in just 9 weeks. It took me 18 weeks but that was fine. It's a kind of interval program: a mixture of walking and running that gradually increases the amount of running that you do. I like the gradual nature of it as it tends to help prevent injuries. And apparently over the 9 weeks as you steadily increase the load bearing exercise your bones get more dense also preventing injury. Awesome. More info available here.

Second time round, I've just finished week 2. This time I'm using the c25k lite app on my smart phone. A musical tone sounds over your music instructing you on when to starting running or walking. Or you can use the podcasts such as the ones available here. Love it.

So far I've been jogging to Coldplay's Viva la viva and Adele. I'd love some other recommendations. No "Eye of the Tiger" thanks. :-)

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