Saturday, February 11, 2012

navigating morning tea

We found ourselves in a bit of a pickle this week. We'd arranged to have morning tea with some dear old family friends but had neglected to tell them about our seismic shift in diet. The morning of, I thought help what are we going to do? So I packed some dip and crackers to take with. Such as I've mentioned here. Then I chickened out. I didn't pull them out when I arrived. I just felt like it was too rude.

They had baked a beautiful lemon and yoghurt cake. It was absolutely delicious. Yes I had a slice. Well, in fact I had only half a slice. It was all I wanted. The fructose may have put my appetite control out for the next few days I suspect, but it was ok. I didn't start trying to lay my hands on sugary delights with abandon. I didn't fall off the wagon. This is for keeps.

Next time I'll let them know in advance and give a few suggestions of what we can eat and offer to bring something along.... Next time....

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