Monday, November 28, 2011

all aboard the advent calendar band wagon

Well it seems that every blogging mum out there has done their advent calendar post. For some beautiful ideas see here and the master of all advent stuff (creative and Christian) here. Well here's my contribution for those of you who might be running a bit behind as I am. I'm fortunate in that my friend Pamela made this beautiful quilted pocket calendar, so it looks pretty impressive right off the bat.

I wanted to find some wrapped lollies to put in the pockets. And found these at Aldi. There's the party pack of haribo gummy lollies. They also have the chocolate coins.

Obviously I want the calendar to be about more than just lollies. There are a whole bunch of collections of Bible verses and activities, or lists of more general holiday activities if that's more your thing. I've decided to go for these activities from be a fun mum's advent calendar activity template. So far it looks pretty good, especially for younger ones. However, I think I'll be adjusting things a little bit. Day 1 for example has a link to a colouring in page of an angel. To my taste however I like my angels a little more awe inspiring. I'm going to use the colouring pages from the following pdf booklet which seems pretty good until at least half way.

So here's the final product. Ready to start on Thursday.

All I needed was a piece of dowel and I'm using the coat hooks that usually hang over our bedroom door to hang the calendar in the kitchen.We are very excited and definitely getting in the mood for Christmas - which is what advent is all about.

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