Saturday, November 5, 2011

next best thing

One of the by-products of moving around so much this year is a lack of a veggie patch. Here’s what I’ve managed to salvage to pots. But I’m not so inspired by it.

The grand sum of my food related plants = strawberry, rhubarb, chillies, rosemary...

Fortunately nearby we have a fabulous fruit and vege market, called market. 

It’s only open Wednesday to Saturday, but, it has a wonderful locally grown produce section.

The rest of the food is all grown in Australia. 

It also has a pretty good deli and dry goods selection (mainly Italian and some Asian products). Including the obligatory ridiculously large tins of oil and tomatoes. Yes that does say 2.5kg...

Now just to be organised enough to actually shop there. Wednesday here I come.

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