Monday, November 7, 2011

the big pizza cook-off: authentico vs delicious.

We've been making our own pizzas for awhile now. But we just keep coming back to a pizza with a basic napolitana sauce, salami, ham, mushrooms, capsicum, olives and pizza cheese. So it's stiff competition but the following pizza looked so yummy I thought we'd try something new.

Here's old faithful which Giggi and Badger were happy to eat.

The challenger:
recipe: John Wilson's taleggio & thyme pizza
source: delicious., November 2011

mods: way too much oil and cheese in the recipe, although I did tear the cheese too small. Also I couldn't find any taleggio so I went with another soft washed-rind cheese

verdict: we all preferred the original... although I do think I should give it another go with bigger chunks of the cheese...

BTW still going strong with the Norved's dough recipe. And we're loving the pizza stone for extra crispy pizza.

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